• Is ALLDA safe to use?
    Since ALLDA is a cooker easy to use frequently by anyone of the family, safety is the top priority. Various safety control equipments are perfectly prepared, including safety device as well as safety equipment about excessive high temperature as overheat, etc. considering all safety for use, you can feel at ease to use it safely.

    • 5-level safety device of utensil cover

    - Operation stops when the cover is open

    - When the cover is forcedly opened while cooking, it stops quickly within 2 seconds

    - Power off when removing the utensil (magnetic safety tool)

    - Safety Lock installed

    • Prevention of double overheat by temperature sensor and bi-metal

    • Exquisite operation control program for safety

    - Delicate temperature control with setting temperature ±0.5℃

    - When over 70℃, safety device to restrict over 7–level revolving

    - Kneading function is limited over 50℃

    - When operating without setting time, automatically stops after 100 minutes
  • Are the parts of ALLDA, including cookinf bowl, sanitarily safe?
    ALLDA’s all products are made of only the food safety materials no harmful for human body.

    - bowl(SUS304), heat plate(SUS444) are SUS material, safe also at high temperature

    - bowl lid, etc. are PC materials, approved by FDA

    - Blades are Ultem material, SUS420J2 and FDA certified
  • How much would be the monthly electric charge?
    ALLDA’s actual electric energy consumption is around energy consumption 360W, when heating 30 minutes at 120℃ maximum output, when daily average 30 minutes, 30 times a month, monthly electric energy consumption around 11kW.
  • What is the composition of ALLDA when purchase?
    ①Main body ② Bowl Lid ③Measuring cup ④Cooking bowl ⑤Steamer (steamer, assistant steamer, steamer cover) ⑥Cooking basket ⑦Whisk ⑧Exclusive spatula ⑨Revolving blades ⑩Home-made recipe book

  • How long is ALLDA’s quality guarantee?
    Cooker’s core part, BLDC motor, guarantees quality for 10 years as semipermanent life. Other heater and main body, etc., 1 year.

    However, damage of parts, utensil, etc. due to customer’s mistake is taken by the customer.

    More detailed regulation, refer to quality guaranted attached to the user’s instruction.
  • Burning smell from the motor
    Burning smell can occur while first operation after purchase.

    That smell disappears after 2 minutes’ operation.​
  • Check before disorder report.
    When ALLDA does not work well, if it does not work even after checking beforehand by self-diagnosis tip on here, please contact the customer center of the store.

  • Why ALLDA always needs to insert blades while cooking?
    ​ALLDA applies 3D cooking where blades are revolving in every cooking.

    Besides the cooking using crush power of blades such as mincing, mixer, crush, etc., cooking is done with revolving blades also in heat cooking, evenly mixing materials up and down, equally cooking without scorching on bottom, making more delicious cooking by well preserving nutrients or flavor.
  • Safe use of blades
    Revolving blades are very sharp. When attaching and detaching the revolving blades, do not hold the blade part with hand. Be sure to always hold the handle part to attach and detach.

    Revolving blades are designed not to be detached by centrifugal force while revolving (patent : 10- 163295), however it can be detached by itself when the utensil is reversely stood in stop state, so separate the blade beforehand while storage.

    Be sure to insert materials after inserting the blade first.​
  • Right use method of measuring cup (material injection part stopper)
    Measuring cup can be utilized in various use as follows.

    1) It prevents heat loss while cooking by stopping the material injection part of the cover, preventing popping out of the materials.

    - In case of heat cooking, the content can pop out while revolving over medium speed(5-level), stop the injection part of the cover with the measuring cup.

    - When operating high speed of turbo with much amount of material in, the content can pop out, so press the measuring cup with the hand to stay there. However, it can be hot while cooking, do not hold the measuring cup with bare hand.

    2) Stopper can be used as the measuring cup. (Maximum content 110ml)

    3) When using the measuring cup as the stopper, put the long side up.