Company Technology
Technology of Wordin

Wordin has always challenged the development of new technologies with creative ideas and challenging minds.

Source of Wordin technology is parts development business

One-Stop development system of Wordin with the 23 years know-how and technology
With the technologies and know-hows having been accumulated since our foundation, and with its excellent equipment and engineers, Wordin established One-Stop development system for product design, molding, injection, and production in order to provide the best quality and meet customers’ needs 100%.
  • Developed and produced various electronic products of prominent enterprises :
    Pressure cooker, home microwave oven, car inspection equipment ,digital watt-hour meter, PDA, DVD Player etc.

Operating authorized R & D center

  • R&D center certified by the government in place and operational since 2006
  • Major development project of ALLDA
    • Direct heating type container and BLDC Motor
    • Health appliances such as low-body bathing machine, low-frequency therapy device.
    • Kitchen appliances such as rice cooker, Microwave oven etc.

Variety of development performance

  • Be selected 2 cases of Governmental technical innovation support program for developing new product (2014,2016)
  • Performance of technology Cooperation R &d Program with Seoul National University. (2016, 2017)
  • Be selected 2 cases of Governmental IP-R&D Support program for smart bed (2016,2017)