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WORDIN Tech Business

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Product and Parts Design
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WORDIN Time Business

Health Appliances
Lower-body Bathing Machine
Therapeutic Apparatus
WORDIN Life Business

Living Appliances
Multi Cooking Machine
Futuristic Smart Bed

Wordin offers high quality life style to your home through world-class well-being appliances.


The Pride of a Master craftsman Creating a Masterwork

Premium Lower-Body Bathing Machine Myeongjak


Electric ‘lower-body bathing machine that does not require water’ so that you can enjoy lower-body bathing anywhere, developed for the first time in Korea.

  • Far-infrared heating technology for good health
  • Phytoncide effect of eco-friendly product by natural wood like Laos Cypress
  • The world’s best specification with fine particle steam and reclining function etc.

The best lower-body bathing machine brand in Korea. Exporting to the US, Canada, Australia, etc.


From Beginning to End of Cooking !

Cooking Marster ALLDA

ALLDA is the ultimate cooker that that supports 12 functions that are necessary for making food, from measuring and preparing ingredients to cooking, kneading, steam-cooking and even cleaning.

  • One-stop cooking system that can cook any kind of food easily and quickly
  • World-class precise and scientific cooking control technology that adds taste and flavor of ingredients
  • Provide a healthy and enjoyable wellness cooking life for your family.


For Your High-Class Life Style

Smart bed TUNER-Z


This is the new concept smart bed called TUNER-Z, that tune the best sleep as the melody of music. The perfect sleep solution for the modern people who lack sleep is coming soon.

  • Ergonomic dome type design for best sleep condition control
  • Sleep monitoring system for real-time control of customized sleep conditions
  • Various conveniences that combine IT technology for ultimate relaxation