Feel the joy of cooking with ALLDA

Excellent price performance ratio
  • ALLDA can handle the functions of 12 different cooking utensils, there is no need to spend other apparatuses other than ALLDA. Better yet, its usability is so great with excellent price performance ratio.
  • Your home cooking level couldn’t be higher with ALLDA so you can save money spent on eating out, ordering take-out foods or buying instant foods.
  • Energy consumption such as gas is also greatly reduced.
높은 가성비
Healthy dietary life
  • It’s now easy to make wellness food made of fresh ingredients to your precious family.
  • Make fresh fruit juice by grinding their fiber, steamed food where excellent nutrients are preserved, natural seasoning, mayonnaise and other spices conveniently at home.
  • It is very convenient to manage diet for your family members from baby food to diet food, anti-atopy and low-salt meals.
건강한 식생활
Pleasant kitchen environment
  • ALLDA does not use gas while cooking, effectively reducing carbon emissions to prevent indoor air pollution.
  • The enclosure type design of the main body prevents the rise of the outside temperature while heating, keeping the air in the kitchen air pleasant even during cooking for a long time.
  • Enhanced spatial efficiency because it requires no additional cooking tools for cooking.
쾌적한 주방환경
Shortened cooking time
  • ALLDA significantly reduces the time required for preparation and cooking food.ALLDA significantly reduces the time required for preparation and cooking food.
  • Because it needs only a few cooking tools, it is easy to clean up afterwards as well as prepare for cooking.
  • For long time cooking such as jam and porridge Use the timer function to leave your cooking to ALLDA and enjoy your spare time during the cooking time
조리시간의 단축
Wellness Life with ALLDA
Wellbeing Life
ALLDA for your family
ALLDA the best choice for the family that helps make menus for your family and make highly nutritional foods out of fresh and healthy ingredients in a quick and simple manner.

With ALLDA, bring wellness for your family’s life and cook together on weekends to build a rapport.

Wellbeing Life
ALLDA for cool single life
Cooking can be very inconvenient for those who live alone when they have to eat alone during busy daily life and work.
ALLDA that offers quick and simple recipes on a wide variety for anyone to easily learn and follow presents a new cooking life to the singles.
Wellbeing Life
ALLDA for newlyweds
ALLDA is so easy and convenient to use for cooking so that even beginners can make a wonderful dis.
A raft of recipes available with ALLDA offers a wide range of choices for newlyweds.
ALLDA supports your happy married life and enjoyable cooking time.
Wellbeing Life
ALLDA for professional chefs
It is very important for the professional chefs to maintain constant taste and quality of condiments such as sauces and dressings that influence the basic taste of foods presented by restaurant.
Just set the precise conditions such as temperature and time in a crowded and hectic kitchen, and ALLDA will always produce food with consistent quality based on its precision-based customization features. ALLDA is helpful for professional chefs, too.